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Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

Teen parent and teen pregnancy prevention programs survived what could have been dramatically deeper FY2010 budget cuts thanks to the advocacy of young people and service providers across Massachusetts. Still, teen pregnancy prevention and some teen parent programming experienced budget cuts, which decreased access to services that promote the health, wellbeing, and prosperity of youth and young families. These cuts affected already underfunded teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs doing excellent work to improve the lives of teens and young parents. { Read more … }

Springfield Teen Birth Rate Up; Holyoke Tops the List

and Everyone Wants to Know Why
February 13, 2008

Boston, MA—According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the national 2006 teen birth rate increased from 71.6 births per 1000 teen girls aged 15-19, to 80.7, a 12.7% increase. Holyoke’s rate is the highest in the state.

So what can Hampden County do? { Read more … }

Teen Parents Reject Labels and Hollywood Myths

Educational Opportunity Key to Success
April 2, 2008

Boston, MAOn Thursday April 3, at 10 AM hundreds of teen parents from across the Commonwealth will come to the Great Hall at the State House to share the truth about young parenthood with policymakers who make critical decisions that impact young families’ lives. They will challenge the stereotypes and debunk the Hollywood myths as they tell their stories of struggle and triumph, with the hope that legislators will see not just the challenges ahead, but teen parents’ potential for a bright future. { Read more … }

Growing Population of Teen Parents Speak Out on Graduation

Education Is Key to How the Child of a Teen Mother Becomes President
March 18, 2009

Boston, MA — On Thursday March 19th, 10 AM Hundreds of teen parents from across the Commonwealth will come to the Great Hall and Grand Stair Case at the State House to challenge stigmas, share their education successes, and ask legislators to support the teen parent programs that make their successes possible. The teen parent population is growing, with 4944 babies born to teens in 2007—an increase of 8% since 2005. { Read more … }

DaVan Speaks on Her Experiences as a Teen Mom

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DaVan talks about her experiences as a teen mom and how Roxbury’s Project Family Independence and Catholic Charities helped her.

Teen Parent Lobby Day

The annual Teen Parent Lobby Day is a central piece of the Alliance’s work. It brings teen parents, their children, and their supporters to the Massachusetts State House to advocate for young parent programs. The event is also an important opportunity for teen parents to become involved in the policy process and to share their stories. { Read more … }

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