Jacqueline Raetz

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Young Parent Policy Fellow

Jacqueline Raetz was raised in Hull, Massachusetts and was very strong in school and involved in many extracurricular activities. At face value, he did not meet the stereotypical idea of someone who was at risk for becoming a teen parent. Having been previously uneducated about sexual health or contraception, and living in  a community that told her  she couldn’t get pregnant, her immediate response to hearing the news “you are pregnant” was total shock and disbelief.

 Unlike what others told her would happen as a teen parent, Jackie graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA.  She went straight onto college and graduated with a Bachelors degree in May of 2013.  Jackie successfully became a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. Although the road has been successful for Jackie and her son, it hasn’t come without a lot of sacrifice and dedication to her dreams.  Jackie endured homelessness, childcare instability, family drama, and living paycheck to paycheck all while being a single mother to her child.

Jackie currently works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in two Boston hosipitals.  She serves as a YPPF and hopes that as a former teen parent she can combat the stigma around teen pregnancy, ensure school systems have comprehensive sexual health, and encourage expectant and parenting students to continue with their education.