Jasmin Colon

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Young Parent Policy Fellow

Jasmin Colon is originally from Florida, but moved to Boston three years ago when her mother kicked her out. After a couple months of living in Boston with her boyfriend, Jasmin learned she was pregnant. Looking back, Jasmin credits her son as the reason she turned into a completely different person. 

Shortly after having Xavier, Jasmin graduated from high school- before the rest of her class. She started working full time and began participating in a young parent program. Motivated by the stigma she still faces as a young parent, Jasmin now works with the Alliance as a YPPF and volunteers with Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In these roles, Jasmin advocates for other young parents who are going through the same struggles she faced as an expectant and parenting teen. Jasmin continues to find positive ways of juggling three jobs, a playful two year old and keeping a healthy relationship with her boyfriend!

Jasmin hopes to show young parents that there is more to life then statistics and stereotypes and dreams of continuing this work as a profession! Jasmin plans on attending school to become a sexual health educator! If you ask her now, Jasmin will tell you that she has learned how to sit back and take the things that come to her…and just throw them right back!