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Young Parent Policy Fellow

Born to a previous teen mother, no one predicted that fifteen yr. old Tynesha would become a teen mother herself. Tynesha excelled academically and enjoyed numerous extracurricular activities, but her life was changed by abuse and her parents’ divorce. She was thrust into the adult-like role of caring for younger siblings while her mother worked two jobs to support them. Tynesha had to grow up fast.

In her freshman year of high school Tynesha became pregnant. Her father disowned her, and her relationship with her mother was strained almost beyond reconciliation. She recalls her time as a pregnant teen as the most painful and confusing time of her life. But charged with one of life’s most challenging yet rewarding responsibilities, she knew she had focus on her son. She continued to attend high school, work full time and at 15 yrs. old she  went to court to became legally independent from her parents.

Tynesha graduated from high school on time with a 3.9 GPA and earned a scholarship to attend college in North Carolina. Later, she transferred to Simmons College in Boston, where she graduated with honors in 2013. Tynesha attributes much of her academic success to the alliances she built with her mother and now husband, who supported her by caring for her son while she balanced school and work. As a mentor and advocate for young people, Tynesha is now helping families affected by teen pregnancy to see the power in maintaining such alliances. Tynesha currently runs an event planning and live music services company called Note The Nuance Event Planning and Design.