Governor Signs FY15 State Budget

Governor Patrick signed the FY15 state budget with no vetoes to teen pregnancy prevention or teen parent programs! Funding for these programs will be increased or maintained as compared to last fiscal year. Thank you for all of your advocacy this year — it really paid off!

Please see below for a synopsis and read our analysis spreadsheet to learn more. You can view the Governor’s vetoes and his letter to the Legislature here.

Thank your legislators. Your policymakers will be more likely to support these important services in the future if you thank them now. So please thank your state legislators for supporting teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs in the fiscal year 2015 budget. You can find your legislators and their contact information here. You can also thank Governor Patrick by calling 888.870.7770 or emailing his office here.

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) 4530-9000: TPP is funded at $2,546,742, which is an increase of $14,000. The new evaluation and pilot initiative will be maintained.
  • Employment Services Program (ESP) 4401-1000, including the Young Parents HiSET Program (YPP): ESP is funded at $11,802,537, which is an increase of approximately $4 million. YPP is earmarked at $3.45 million, which is level funding.
  • Teen Parent Shelter (TPP) 4403-2119: TPP is funded at $9,347,502, which is an increase of $203,000. This will enable DCF to open another 2–3 beds.
  • Children and Family Services 4800-0038, which includes the Young Parent Support Program: This line item is funded at $261,553,353 overall, an increase of approximately $5 million. There is language prioritizing funding for programs including young parents programs.
  • Teen Parent Child Care: Teen parents access child care through income eligible child care and TANF related child care for families receiving welfare.
    • There is a new line item: 3000-4040, which adds $15 million to reduce the wait list for income eligible child care.
    • Income eligible child care, 3000-4060, is funded at $241,894,678, which is a $20 million increase. This may not result in an actual increase in services, in part, because some of this funding will maintain services moved to this line item during FY14.
    • TANF related child care, 3000-4050, is funded at $133,477,300, which is a decrease of approximately $2 million. However, caseloads have declined so we do not believe that this will result in reduced access.
  • Healthy Families (HF) 3000-7000: HF is funded at $14,483,933, which is an increase of approximately $4 million. However, this increase depends on the executive office of health and human services' projection that the children's health insurance program's healthy services initiative revenue will be not less than $28,612,794. Children’s Trust, the administering agency for HF, expects this projection to be accurate. If it is not, HF will at least be funded at $10,483,933 (approximately $99,500 less than level funding). Note, HF funding was increased by $99,842 during FY14 via a mid year spending budget.
  • School Based Health Centers, part of 4590-0250: The overall line item is funded at $12,377,055, which is an increase of approximately $30,000.