Governor Patrick Releases FY15 Budget

Governor Patrick released his proposed fiscal year 2015 (FY15) budget this afternoon. This email provides a preliminary analysis of how he proposes to fund teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs in next year’s FY15 state budget. Remember, this is only our first step in the state budget process— we will be in touch in the coming weeks on how to advocate to your State Representatives and Senators. The House of Representatives will weigh in next with a proposed budget of their own in April.

Overall, teen pregnancy related programs and services would be funded at the same level, at an increased level, or at an only slightly reduced level as compared to the FY14 budget.

Following is a brief breakdown of how each program we track fared in the Governor’s proposal. To view the Governor’s proposal click here.

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP): TPP would be funded at $2,398,398, a small reduction of $134,264. We believe this reduction would only impact a new data evaluation pilot and not TPP programming. The Alliance has been advocating for increased funding for TPP given the current grants only serve a limited number of communities and proportion of our hardest to reach young people.
  • Young Parents GED Program (YPP), part of the Employment Services Program (ESP)ESP was funded at $7,403,855 overall, which would equate a small reduction of $280,067. This account includes several different programs, none of which were explicitly listed. It is typical for the Governor to avoid allocating specific dollar amounts to programs within this line item, so it is not cause of serious concern that YPP is not earmarked. However, it will be an important point of advocacy as we turn our focus to the legislature.
  • Teen Parent Shelter Program (TPP): TPP would be funded at $9,197,502, which would be an increase of $3,184.
  • Teen Parent Child Care line items: Teen parents of low income primarily access child care through two child care accounts: TANF/welfare related and Income Eligible Child Care. Both of these line items would see increased funding. TANF related would be funded at $136,549,668, an increase of $5.2 million and Income Eligible Child Care would be funded at $241,894,678, an increase of approximately $20.8 million. 
  • The Young Parent Support Program (YPS), part of Children and Family Services: The overall line item would be funded at $265,393,828, an increase of over $14 million. YPS is not explicitly listed, but we do not believe this is cause for concern.
  • Healthy Families would be funded at $10,511,874, which would be a small reduction of $71,531.
  • School Based Health Centers and Services would be funded at $12,177,055, which would be a relatively small reduction of $170,912.

The Alliance will strongly advocate — with your help — that all teen pregnancy related programs are at least level funded, and in some cases, see increased funding for FY15!