Governor Patrick Signs FY13 Budget

Governor Patrick signed a $32.5 billion state budget Sunday July 8. He issued several vetoes, but none to any of our priority line items. Congratulations for all of your work to protect teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs! See below for a synopsis on the final FY13 budget outcome.

You can click here to view the Governor’s vetoes and letter to the Senate and House of Representatives. The legislature has since overturned some of the Governor’s vetoes, including his vetoes related to EBT cards and Taunton Hospital.

The Governor also released a FY13 supplemental budget request, which among other things, would increase funding to adult family shelter. Click here to read his request.

Please take a minute to call and thank Governor Patrick for supporting teen pregnancy prevention and teen parent programs in the FY13 budget: 888.870.7770.

FY13 Budget Outcome Synopsis:

Teen Living Shelter Program (4403-2119) is funded at $8,031,401. The Department of Children and Family Services is hopeful that they can maintain the current number of TLP beds with this funding level. However, the 4 beds (that were brought online in January, 2012 with supplemental budget funding) may need to be cut.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (4530-9000) is funded at $2.5 million, about $157,000 more than current FY12 funding. $150,000 must be spent on a new evaluation and data collection pilot project.

The Young Parents GED Program (part of 4401-1000) received approximately $3.1 million guaranteed, which is only $117,494 less than level funding. The Department of Transitional Assistance could choose to fund YPP at a higher level, which they did this year. The overall line item is funded at approximately $7.9 million - around $800,000 more than the FY12 funding level.

Teen Parent Child Care: TANF Related Child Care (3000-4050) is funded at $125.5 million and Income Eligible Child Care (3000-4060) is funded at $231.9 million - both accounts support teen parent child care. This amounts to a reduction of about $8 million for both accounts overall. We do not know the impact of this cut on teen parent child care at this point, but have urged Governor Patrick and the Department of Early Education and Care to maintain level funding for teen parent child care contract slots.

The Young Parent Support Program (part of 4800-0038) is funded at $248 million overall, which is an increase of about $5 million. FY12 language referencing young parent programs remains and the Department of Children and Family Services has confirmed that YPS is level funded.

Healthy Families (3000-7000) is level funded at $10.5 million.

School Based Health Centers (4590-0250) is level funded at $11.6 million.