MA Expectant and Parenting Teen Programs

Young Parents HiSET Program (YPP) DTA

  • The only state funded education program designed to support teen parents in completing their GED (now called HiSET). YPP enables these young people to set on a path towards careers with family sustaining wages.
  • Teen parents receive education leading to passing the HiSET, or in some cases obtaining their high school diploma. Teens can also access job skills training, job placement assistance, parenting classes and case management.
  • Expectant and parenting youth between the ages of 14 and 23 can enroll (and youth can remain in the program until age 24).
  • Can include teen parents under 18 who would be eligible for TAFDC (welfare benefits) if it were not for “grandparent income deeming” where by the teen’s parents’ income can disqualify the teen from receiving benefits.

Teen Parent Child Care (TPCC) EEC

  • TPCC provides quality childcare, parent mentoring and support services, enabling hundreds of parenting teens to stay in school and attend work.
  • Pregnant and parenting teens under 20 can enroll. Teens may stay in the program at age 20 if they are parenting or have special needs.

Teen Parent Shelter Program (TPP), formerly called TLP: DTA/DCF

  • Programs provide homeless teen families with safe housing and services to promote progress toward independent living.
  • Must be eligible for TAFDC (at any stage of pregnancy or parenting & low income).
  • Pregnant and parenting females 13-19 years old can enroll and can stay until they are 20 with the possibility for approved extensions in stay.
  • Teen dads may be eligible for non-shelter services.
  • To apply, go to your local department of transitional assistance office, which you can look up here:

Young Parent Support Program (YPS) DCF

  • Community programs across Massachusetts provide intensive counseling and case management for young parents at the highest risk of abuse or neglect.
  • YPS serves young parents 23 and younger with mental health, trauma, and homelessness histories. YPS enables young parents to meet their responsibilities as parents, students and employees.
  • YPS fills the gap in the tapestry of young parent services, helping teens with intensive needs and who may not be eligible for any other teen parent programs.

Healthy Families EEC

  • Healthy Families provides home-visiting and parenting skills for first-time teen parents.
  • Pregnant and parenting teens 20 or under can enroll. If parenting, the teen can only have one child under 1 year old in order to enroll.
  • Youth enrolled can receive services until their child is 3.

Massachusetts Pregnant and Parenting Teen Initiative (MPPTI) DPH

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health grant
  • Grantees are in Chelsea, Holyoke, Lawrence, New Bedford and Springfield
  • Each city has a multidisciplinary support team operating out of schools and community-based organizations. The goals are to provide pregnant and parenting teens with wrap-around services to promote graduation from high school or HiSET attainment, delay second pregnancy, and ensure teen parents’ children are on track for healthy development.

For more information and contact information for programs in your area, please contact Liz Peck: 617.482.9122 x101,