Young Parent Policy Fellows (YPPF)

About the YPPF

The Young Parent Policy Fellows (YPPF) are a group of current and former young parents working to help decision-makers understand the unique needs of expectant and parenting teens in Massachusetts. The Fellows strengthen our organization by providing a young parent perspective—improving our effectiveness and broadening our reach. Additionally, it provides young parents with an opportunity to build leadership skills and become advocates for their communities. Meet the current Fellows.

Some of the activities accomplished by the YPPF this year include speaking at Teen Parent Lobby Day, training young parents and adults on the Title IX law, training young parents on how to advocate for Lobby Day, meeting with the press to discuss the need for better teen parent supports, blogging on The PushBack blog and representing the Alliance at several important meetings within Boston. An important overall goal of the YPPF is for young parents to positively impact the lives of other expectant and parenting teens by positively shifting the shame and stigma associated with being a young parent to one of power and purpose.

How to Get Involved with the YPPF

If you are a current or former teen mom or dad (between the ages of 16 and 26) who wants to improve the lives of expectant and parenting teens across Massachusetts, get involved in advocacy, and build leadership skills, then you are perfect for the YPPF!

Please contact Lauren Singer at for more information about this opportunity.